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A Law Firm Built On Principle

    I created Bonner Law Firm with specific ideals and principles in mind. After 20 years of practice, I chose to build a new firm from the ground up – one that reflects my values, my personality and my approach to work and the practice of law. Simply put, the goal of Bonner Law Firm is to solve our clients’ problems, to help them achieve their goals and to be excellent every step of the way.

A Lasting Lesson

     When I was young, I asked my Dad, “Why do you go to work in the dark, before the sun comes up?” He told me he had to go to shovel the snow from the office sidewalks before people showed up. “But why you?” I asked. “You own the business.” He replied, “To earn the respect of the people around you, no one should believe he or she has to work harder than you do.”

     It was a simple message delivered many years ago. But the lessons from it were many, they were valuable and they have stayed with me and guided me to this day. The importance of hard work. Leading by example. Caring for others. And what it takes to truly earn respect.